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My kids are all grown up now (gulp), so it’s been a while since I read Peter Pan, but I have to say: I always loved the story. The thought that you could sprinkle a little pixie dust on something and it would magically work, always intrigued me.I thought about this the other day when I was on my way to lunch with Jake, one of my partners, because I swear that one of our supervisors has pixie dust. Jake was wondering what it was that made it possible for this great supervisor, let’s call her Sue, to leverage her abilities so that multiple folks, working all at the same time on different assignments, always get their jobs done and done right.While we were talking, I realized that Sue and her team could produce an incredible volume of work with really very little time involvement on Sue’s part. Others, in her same position, have been unable to be this effective. So what’s the difference? Pixie dust. Sue sprinkles pixie dust on everything that she touches. Just like Tinkerbelle leaves a trail of pixie dust behind her, Sue leaves a comment here, a compliment there, a …read more

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