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Swatting a Fly with a Sledgehammer

When someone is interested in purchasing another business, it is common practice to hire an accounting firm to investigate the affairs of that prospective purchase. We recently welcomed one such firm to complete some due diligence on one of our clients.
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Tapping Into Social Capital for a Great First Impression

Founding Partner Tony Rose has written and spoken about the important role Social Capital plays in the success of your business. So, it is not surprising that at RSJ we place a great deal of importance on your first point of contact with our firm. Meet Jessica Hull.
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How To Wrap Up Your Next Speech

When doing any public speaking it’s important to remember that you’re taking other people’s time; whatblah may be interesting to you may not be to them. The best advice I ever heard about public speaking came from communications expert Gary Hankins, which was something like this: · Tell the audience what you’re going to be saying. · Say it. · Then say what you said. Pretty good advice. Most folks are able to start talking easily enough, but where I see people fail most often when it comes to public speaking is the inability to wrap it up.
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The Importance of Nurturing Your Relationship with So-Called “Strangers”

I write in my second book, Five Eyes on the Fence, about the importance of protecting your social capital. My thesis is that financialFive Eyes on the Fence_WEB capital is a byproduct of four other types of capitals. When human, social, intellectual, and structural capital are well-tended, financial capital flourishes. Social capital can be summarized in two words: Relationships matter. The strength of your relationship with clients, potential clients, vendors, employees, and colleagues determines the extent to which these relationships can be accessed as a resource. The stronger the social capital, the more likely your financial capital will benefit. And the stronger your relationship with strangers, the better your social capital. I know what you are thinking, “Wait a minute: How can a person have a relationship with a stranger? Isn’t not knowing the person the very definition of a stranger?”
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