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Some of you might know that I am in the process of finishing up a manuscript for my second book. Manuscript. I like saying that word. It sounds prestigious and dignified. And the truth is that this book is the culmination of close to seven years of reflection. This book represents the challenges I try to solve when consulting with our business clients. You see, many of my partners and I don’t solely give accounting and tax advice. Often, a simple tax question can turn into a complex discussion of the intricacies of doing business, so we help our clients with all five of their business’s capitals, not just their financial capital and tax-planning needs. That’s right: A business has five capitals. Take RSJ, for instance. My first book, Say Hello to the Elephants, is an element of RSJ’s Intellectual Capital. The book explained our quadrant planning-process, which is a Structural Capital that we use to help our clients solve problems. Speaking of our clients, our network of clients, colleagues and associates represents a portion of the Social Capital of our company. And this sequential-step process (quadrant planning) helps us live up to the refer-ability standards that are part of …read more

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