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Say Hello to the Elephants Quadrant One: Clarity

This article by Tony A. Rose first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Business World magazine, a publication by Russell Bedford11057214-rbnewlogobkeyrc International. The elephant in the room – English idiom meaning that which all can see but none choose to discuss or confront. We all have elephants – problems, needs or truths that we ignore even though we must face up to them. Often our elephants may be of a professional nature. We may also have personal elephants. In Say Hello to the Elephants I offer a way to confront issues, along with tools to address problems, achieve clarity, and make decisions. I call this Quadrant Thinking. Quadrant Thinking Quadrant Thinking is a four-part process. In a series of four articles I will present an overview of each quadrant. • Quadrant One: Clarity
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