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Founding Partner

Sadly, we lost our founding partner, Greg Snyder in November of 2019 after a gallant fight against pancreatic cancer.

Greg had over 30 years of experience spreading his knowledge and assistance.   He was a fervid negotiator on behalf of his clients, always making the most complex and stressful of tax issues seem like a walk in the park.  He nurtured and cherished all of his clients ‘relationships, so much so, that they fiercely trusted in his knowledge and decision-making and we are told over and over what a significant, positive impact he made, both in their businesses and personal lives.

He did just that for us too.  Today in the halls of RSJ, his contribution is evident everywhere.  His strong sense of responsibility and care towards his clients hold so many lessons for all of us.  Our Core Values and Refer-Ability Standards are built on this very work ethic and passion.  We are lucky to have had such an inspiration to work towards and we know he is proud of how we carry that out today.   He lives on in us, whether we are quoting his humor or citing his wisdom, we are grateful to have known him and be able to bask in the empire he helped to build.


“I got this.”

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